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Funat PVC Sauna Slimming Wrap

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Transform your sauna sessions into a delightful slimming journey with the Funat PVC Sauna Slimming Wrap. Designed for instant results, this innovative wrap hugs your body, enhancing sweat production to help shed those stubborn inches effortlessly. Experience the ultimate detoxification and relaxation while you uncover a slimmer, rejuvenated you. Get ready to embrace the sauna sensation and let the slimming begin!

Fabric type: Plastic (PVC)
Occasion: Home, office, gym, daily 
Benefits: Sauna thermal sweat stomach wrap, increases sweating and helps to get rid of toxins while you lose weight
Multi functions: Sauna detox, body mask function, body sculpture, increase workout results
Quantity: 1pc
Unit: 1968.5" (50m), 3937.01" (100m)
Important: Keep the body slimming wrap away from babies and children, It may prevent breathing and cause suffocation. When wrapping for more than 1 hour and those with sensitive skin:monitor your skin underneath the wrap from time to time

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Bianca Ramos
    WOW!!! AMAZING!!! WOW!!!

    In three days the miracle happened. WOW!!! My waist is an inch smaller!!! I combine this with Caffeine warm gel. They really work!!! It is also at the best price, trust me!!!

    J. Reynolds
    I am looking awesome

    I am loosing weight around my waist and stomach area only used it for two days. My mother seeing good results.

    I love it

    Baby! Let me tell you I have never had sweat drip off of my body like somebody poured water on me. I use this wrap when I do my two mile walks and I couple it with Caffeine Cellulite Fat Burning Gel. You just need to wrap it like you would if you were using PVC Sauna Slimming Wrap. There was a minor lifting, but not too much to deter me from using it again.