How to get your unique body measurements

How to get your unique body measurements

When shopping online, it is necessary to know your body measurements in order to purchase clothing in the correct sizes. To select the appropriate size for shapewear, you should measure your hips, waist, and bust. Accurately measuring your body is an essential step to achieving a well-fitting outfit.

When taking your measurements, it is important to wear only your undergarments and avoid any bulky clothing such as jeans, leggings, tracksuits, cardigans, jackets, or sweats. To ensure accurate measurements, use a cloth measuring tape rather than a metal one.

To measure your hips, stand with your feet together and measure the widest part of your hips, typically around your seat, making sure to go over your buttocks. It can be challenging to keep the tape level when measuring alone, so it might be helpful to do it in front of a mirror.

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How to measure the waist?
To measure your waist, locate the narrowest part of your waist, which is above your belly button and below your rib cage.

How to measure the bust?
To measure your bust, place the tape measure at the fullest point of your bust and wrap it around your body to get the measurement (total circumference).


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