Look noteworthy, feel great and much more confident

Look noteworthy, feel great and much more confident

These products brief and leggings are made with high quality materials to flatten the abs while shaping your waist and butt. You can choose between extra high-waisted or mid-waist for superior coverage and shaping. It adds ab definition and helps with back support. Some models are with anti-slip grip lining at the top of the shaper keeps it in place no matter what, preventing roll-down.

Our specialty briefs are perfect for wearing under fitted shirts on a day-to-day basis, but it's also ideal for looking your best on special occasions. Furthermore Shaperskin's shaping brief also lends itself to sports and other physical activities because it helps keep the abs contracted.

men shapewear vest and boxer

But that's not all - how about a shaper vest or top? No joke! Get rid of the jelly belly and firm up your chest! These innovative designs provide extra body firm control in one. They control the abs and back while providing comfort. These garments are perfect for improving your physique, so don't miss out on them! Our men's compression shaper helps flatten and tone the abdomen, chest, and back.

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