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What type of bra do you need following your surgery?

The bra is necessary for controlling post-surgery swelling, but it can be counterproductive if it digs in and causes discomfort. Types of post-surgery bras often come in sizes such as small, medium, large, and extra-large, rather than the traditional sizes like 32, 34, A, B, C, etc. That's why our bras have a different size chart. They also often have some degree of adjustability, which is usually in the form of two or three rows of hooks, and a front-closure type.

A front-open bra is much more comfortable than a sports bra because many sports bras need to be put on over the head, and this can be uncomfortable in the days following surgery.

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We recommend that you buy a correct size of bras suitable the size that you wear. How? Just get your unique body measurement.

When selecting a post-surgical bra, it's important to consider the potential for swelling and choose a bra that is slightly larger than your current band size. The cup size can be difficult to predict, and it may be necessary to try a range of sizes for the best fit.

For instance, women who have undergone a breast lift procedure, their breast should be around the same size as it was before surgery. For patients who have undergone a breast reduction or lift, dressings will be applied immediately following surgery, acting as a bra and so you will not have to worry about selecting a post-surgical bra right away. The dressings will typically be removed about a week after surgery, and it's important to bring your post-surgical bra with you to your follow-up appointment. For those who have had a breast enlargement procedure, a post-surgical bra will be provided immediately following surgery, and it's recommended to be worn day and night for the first 3-6 weeks following surgery.


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