Fajas MYD 0879 Post-Surgical Full Body Shaper for Women - Pal Negocio
Fajas MYD 0879 Post-Surgical Full Body Shaper for Women - Pal Negocio
Fajas MYD 0879 Post-Surgical Full Body Shaper for Women - Pal Negocio
Fajas MYD 0879 Post-Surgical Full Body Shaper for Women - Pal Negocio
Fajas MYD 0879 Post-Surgical Full Body Shaper for Women - Pal Negocio
Full Body High Back Compression Bodysuits
Full Body High Back Compression Bodysuits
Full Body High Back Compression Bodysuits
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Full Body High Back Compression Bodysuits

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Unlock your full potential with our Full Body High Back Compression Bodysuit. Sculpt your silhouette and boost your confidence effortlessly. Experience maximum support, comfort, and style with this game-changing garment. Get ready to turn heads and embrace a whole new level of body confidence. Don't hesitate, seize the opportunity to feel incredible today!

Compression level: High
Occasion: Daily use, home, work, office
Color: Beige
Material composition:
Made of microfiber, 85% Nylon 15% Elastane
Item type:
Full body girdle, full back coverage to enhance figure, open bust bodysuits, tummy control shapewear, high back shaper, high compression garment
Design: Adjustable wide padded straps, high back, knee length, controls the abdomen, hips and legs, zippered crotch, silicone lace trim on the legs, natural butt lifting effect
Closure type: 2 level hook and eye closure
Suitable for:
 Beautiful and confident under any outfit, fits any bra
Model: #0879-MYD

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Wanda Mendez
The ultimate shapewear bodysuit - worth every penny!

I recently had the pleasure of trying out this incredible shapewear bodysuit from Shaperskin, and let me tell you, it is an absolute game-changer! I've tried cheaper China-made products before, but there's just no comparison. This high-quality shapewear bodysuit is in a league of its own.
First and foremost, the fit is impeccable. It's like it was tailor-made for my body. The premium materials used in this product provide both comfort and support. Unlike those flimsy alternatives, this bodysuit is designed to last. The stitching is impeccable, and you can instantly feel the difference in the craftsmanship.
One of the standout features is the targeted compression zones. This bodysuit effortlessly smooths and sculpts, giving me a sleek silhouette without feeling restricted. It's perfect for any outfit, from form-fitting dresses to everyday wear. No more worrying about unsightly bulges or lines – this shapewear has got you covered!
Another huge plus is the breathability. Even during long, hot days, I never felt uncomfortable or sweaty. The moisture-wicking fabric keeps you feeling fresh and confident all day long. Plus, the adjustable straps ensure a secure fit without digging into your shoulders.
Now, let's talk about confidence. This shapewear bodysuit has boosted my confidence through the roof. The way it smoothes and enhances my natural curves is truly remarkable. I feel like a million bucks every time I put it on. It's a must-have for special occasions, but honestly, I find myself reaching for it daily because of how good it makes me feel.
Sure, you can find cheaper alternatives out there, but trust me when I say that investing in this shapewear bodysuit is worth every cent. It's a superior product that outshines the competition in terms of quality, fit, and performance. Don't compromise on something as important as your confidence and comfort – treat yourself to the best with this remarkable shapewear bodysuit. You won't regret it!

Tina Wilson
The BEST Faja ever. Very soft and comfortable

Nothing compares to this faja. It is the most comfortable one I have found so far. It is soft and comfortable. It has a zipper crotch that does not hurt. It is made well. It is easy to use the restroom and it does not ride up and cause pain.The material is thick and soft. Inside is sewn so your body doesn't get all marked up by creases.The shoulder straps are padded and very very comfortable. They don't dig into my arms. This is the best faja. The straps are adjustable and the buckles don't dig into my arm pits like most. The buttocks area is perfect. It's not constricting at all. The material in the buttocks area is thinner.This faja also gives you a bottom uplift. I bought 2 more. This ran color is the only color I have found so far.I can literally wear this faja for 24 hours and it won't bother me anyplace.This is definately the best. I would also like to note that it is warm. If you're a cold person this one is for you. This faja is tough to wear on hot days because of the confinement. But, it's still 100% with it. I highly recommend this as the best faja ever.

Lucius Crooks

Full Body High Back Compression Bodysuits

Sunny Crona

Full Body High Back Compression Bodysuits

Pauline Marvin

Full Body High Back Compression Bodysuits